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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

It is so important to prepare your house as much as possible before putting it on the market. Your house needs to make a great first impression with potential buyers and real estate agents if you want to sell it quickly and for as close to your list price as possible! So this means you need to put some time into fixing, cleaning, decluttering and beautifying now!

This can seem overwhelming, so more and more sellers are learning the importance of consulting a home stager to help get their houses ready to sell. A stager is a professional who prepares homes for sale by making it appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. Stagers have proven techniques that work to get real estate agents to show your home and buyers to make offers on your home.

Stagers offer a variety of services from a basic consultation to a full-service plan. When a stager first visits your home, he/she will walk your property and go room to room to make suggestions of what you can and should do to welcome potential buyers.

Some things a stager may suggest are:

  • Clean carpets (or replace if they are very worn)
  • Repaint to neutral colors (he/she will also let you know the “in” colors buyers like)
  • De-clutter and De-personalize: start your packing process and pack away any items you won’t be using and realize that your home is becoming a house, buyers want to imagine themselves living there and it’s hard for them to do this if it is still personalized to your family.
  • Organize cabinets and closets: Buyers open doors and look everywhere…you want them to see organized spaces.
  • Swap out furniture from one room to another or remove pieces that make the room feel too crowded. Rooms should be displayed as they are intended, for example, if you are using your dining room as an office, before listing your house, revert the dining room back to a dining room.
  • Curb appeal: trim bushes, power wash your house, etc. Buyers will most likely drive by your house before deciding to schedule an appointment to view it, you don’t want to lose them before they step foot in your house!
  • Fix small things that you’ve learned to deal with over the years: doors that stick, broken light switches, etc. Buyers want move-in ready…they don’t want to have to worry about fixing or replacing anything!

Remember, your style is your own and may not be potential buyers’ styles. Buyers need to visualize themselves living in your house and making it their own. Stagers have the most up to date insights as to what buyers are looking for and will guide you to implement those preferences into your house. Their suggestions, if followed, will usually end up helping to get your house sold faster and at a higher price!

Ask your real estate agent for home stager referrals to get started! Good luck!